Benefits of Window Tint in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Benefits of Window Tint

Many people know there are benefits to tinting automotive windows despite the negative connotation some may have to the idea.   However, many have not considered how those same benefits apply to the tinting of their home or business.  From energy cost savings to view enhancement, there are numerous benefits that can be achieved by retrofitting window tint films to your existing windows.  

    1. Increase Energy Efficiency:   One of the most significant reasons a person chooses to tint their home or business windows is to improve their current energy efficiency.  Windows, regardless of size, let in unlimited amounts of light and contribute to the heat gain within a space.  This translates to higher cooling costs as your air conditioner works harder to maintain a consistent temperature.  However, applying window tint can help mitigate this problem by making your windows energy efficient and preventing excess heat from entering the space.  By reducing this energy transfer, your cooling and maintenance costs will be reduced while increasing comfort.
    2. Reduce Hot Spots:  As mentioned above, the heat transfer that is allowed through your windows can be inconsistent depending on how much sun a space gets.  You may find that certain areas stay much hotter or cooler than others.  Applying window tint in those spaces can make them more comfortable by reducing heat and glare, as well as the amount of energy used to keep them consistently comfortable.
    3. Glare Reduction:   Although most people enjoy the flood of sunlight flowing into their space, too much of a good thing can be disruptive.  Excessive glare from the sun can have a significant impact on productivity and comfort.  For example, glare on a television or computer screen can be annoying, affecting both your recreation and work.  However, this issue can be remedied with application of the correct window tint.  Once installed, it not only blocks heat from the sun, but also the blinding glare, which means less eye strain and increased visual comfort.
    4. Protection from UV Damage:  We may not consider this fact often, but the sun’s harmful UV rays can still affect people inside their homes or businesses.  Melanoma and other skin cancers are typically caused by UV radiation that adds up over repeated sunlight exposure.  Fortunately, applying tint to your windows can reduce those harmful UV rays by over 99%, acting like a sunscreen and providing peace of mind regarding protection.  In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends installing window tint as a preventative measure.
    5. Privacy:  Choosing the right window tint can give you a better sense of privacy and comfort in your space while shielding the view from outside.  Window tint provides homeowners with the best of both worlds – light is still allowed to flow into your home while obscuring the view from curious onlookers. This makes it an excellent choice for those areas requiring extra privacy, such as bathrooms, bedrooms or offices that face a street.  
    6. Safety & Security:  Windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars, vandals, thieves, and looters.  However, there are window tints strong enough to delay forcible entry – giving you time to prepare, contact authorities, or deter them altogether!  Adding these thicker tints also help hold shattered glass together and keep dangerous shards from flying everywhere.  In addition to the instances mentioned above, tint can also help in natural disasters or innocent accidents.  Whether your home or business is impacted by a severe storm, or a window broken by a poorly hit golf ball, window tint will help keep the shattered glass from becoming flying projectiles – helping to keep everyone safe.
    7. Protect Furnishings & Floorings: If near untreated windows, it only takes four to six months of UV exposure to damage furniture, fabrics, art, flooring and more!  Thankfully, window tinting offers protection that will help minimize that damage and allow you keep interior décor protected.


While this list is not exhaustive of all window tint benefits, it does detail the most common reasons people seek out installation from a professional.  With advancements in technology, there are a variety of tint options on the market that will inevitably fit your unique window film needs.  

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